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Multinational businesses entering the global marketplace are faced with the challenge of meeting international tax compliance requirements. Companies have to adapt quickly and enact comprehensive tax strategies to maximize their profitability while cooperating with the regulations of each country. As a seasoned and trusted international tax CPA firm that's highly experienced in all facets of tax advisory, Robert L. Gomez CPA, P.C. has special insight on how to get past the financial hurdles that can impact your bottom line.

We make sure you choose the right corporate tax structure, help you take advantage of all available tax credits, and guide you in developing an overall tax strategy to protect your profits. Whether you own a foreign business with U.S. subsidiaries or a U.S. company conducting business overseas, our international tax CPA firm will work with you to reduce taxes now and in the future. We also assist foreign nationals who live, work or have investments in the United States and U.S. citizens who work or live in foreign lands.

When you turn to Robert L. Gomez CPA, P.C. for international tax planning, you’ll be equipped to make the right decisions for your multinational business. We work with both American and foreign businesses around the world.

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Meet Robert Gomez, CPA

Bob brings over 25 years of tax experience to the table.

Tax Experience You Can Trust

Bob Gomez has over 25 years of domestic and international tax experience, primarily in senior management positions with companies like KPMG and Arthur Andersen & Company. Bob has provided quality financial and tax advice to both large international companies and small emerging market companies in a broad range of industries, along with high net worth business owners.

He brings a unique prospective of being a former small business owner who has bought and sold several businesses. This background that enables him to address the complex tax issues associated with many types of business structures and the personal tax issues of their owners.

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