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Foreign Tax Credit Planning

foreign tax credit planningRobert L. Gomez CPA, P.C. works hard to help our clients claim foreign tax credits on taxes paid to foreign companies. Today, there are several limitations on the use of foreign tax credits within the United States. Understanding how to claim credits can be a confusing process for corporations or individuals. As a qualified international tax CPA firm, we can help enhance your foreign tax credit limitation so that you can claim as many applicable foreign tax credits as allowed by law.

Our international tax advisory services are aimed at helping you maximize foreign tax credits to lower your tax burden and save you money. Request a consultation now or call us at 919-678-8322 today.

Our services related to claiming foreign tax credits include:

  • Determine the pros and cons of claiming foreign tax credits
  • Claim foreign tax credits every year
  • Prevent double taxation issues
  • Ascertain exclusions and maximum allowable tax credits by country
  • Make foreign tax credits retroactive or set for a future period